Player Spotlight: Miki Parker

Although Parker says the Lady Indians are having a rebuilding season she hopes that winning games and bonding as a team will also lead the Lady Indians to playoffs and her other goal of becoming region champions. 
Parker doesn’t struggle with making time for school and making time for softball. She manages her time well enough to play for the Lady Indians and a travel ball team, while keeping her G.P.A. high enough to rank in the top 10 of her senior class. Although Parker is doing well now, she overcame difficulties in the sixth grade after tearing her ulna nerve and bicep brachial artery. After a long road to recovery Parker had to teach herself how to throw again with a lack of feeling in two fingers in her right hand. Parker wears the number 22 which is special to her because it was the number her mother wore when she played in high school. Parker said, “My mom is my hero. She was an all-state centerfielder in high school. We don’t play the same position be we sport the same number.”
She also looks up to Kaylee Wynn, a short stop for the Lady Indians her freshman year; “Kaylee taught me how to trust and believe in myself and that I always have God and my family.” Parker’s most memorable moment in softball was her freshman year, as a starter at third, when the Lady Indians made the Elite 8. Parker hopes to reach this again as a senior. 

Miki Parker, Catcher, Irwin County. Photo: Eddie Senkbeil

Parker doesn’t want to stray too far away from her home when she finishes high school. She hopes to get a scholarship at places like Valdosta State University, ABAC or Georgia Southern. She hopes to further her schooling at a medical school in hopes of becoming a trauma doctor. 
Parker had a lot of advice to give to upcoming girls that want to play ball. “Believe in yourself, even if something bad happens. You have to keep your head up and play your best on the field. When you are on the field and you are having a slump, instead of beating yourself down, keep pushing through. Don’t quit when there is always room for improvement”.

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