Torell on Tift : Have a Little Fun Friday

Tifton – Let’s have some fun. Some playoff fun! Let’s get together and scream like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s get behind the Blue Devils and live in this moment these boys have given us. The 2014 Blue Devils have opened a door for us and invited us to walk right into what might be the party of the year. You going to miss it, or are you going to take a seat at the table they’ve set?

It starts Wednesday night at the practice field. The high school is holding a Playoff Kickoff Party for you – the fans at 6:30. We’ll do the weekly “Blue Devils Coaches Show with John Reid” from there at 7:00, but it’s more than that. It’s a sendoff party for the boys and their coaches and an opportunity for them to see, hear and feel how much they are supported. It’s an opportunity for them to shine and even take the stage and the microphone to have a little moment in the limelight. But let’s get one thing straight. This party is for the fans.
I know the student section is going to be there. Those kids are nuts! And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Go to Shine Rankin’s “” site and click the Tift v. Valdosta link for proof. We’re talking about some upstanding kids just going out of their minds. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. That Dodson kid, the Honeycutt girl, the Benson boy…NUTS! Look at the intensity in their faces. Look at their uvulas! They are literally screaming their lungs out. Pretty sure they’ll be there.

It’s you I’m wondering about. The bell is tolling and it’s tolling for you. Come on out! Go ahead and act indifferent like you might go. Tell people you’re thinking about it, but then get in the car and come out! If you follow ESPN on Saturdays, you’ve likely seen the phenomenon called Gameday. It comes on at 9:00 a.m. and runs all morning. It will be something like that. We’re going to show you some killer highlights, talk to some players and generally try to have some fun.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The Tucker Tigers are good. They have a UGA four-star recruit named Ledbetter on the D-line and an Auburn commit at linebacker. They have two more big time commits, too. The Devils got something else. They are an incredibly intense and loyal group of players who know how to stick together and finish a game. Two overtime Region 1-AAAAAA road wins ought to show you that. Come out Wednesday night and celebrate that!

I called Staples. They can print those big head signs of players you see on Gameday. Don’t want to do that? Think up a funny poster you can wave around. Do something!! You can buy noise makers of all kinds right there from the boosters. There will be t-shirts for sale. There will be a little pizza for sale, too.  Do yourself a favor, have something to talk about Thursday morning. It won’t be the same without you.

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