Tiftarea sweeps Southland, Boys Win in OT

Tiftarea showed up and showed out Friday, January 09, both Lady Panthers and Panthers defeating the Southland Academy Raiders. Tiftarea Lady Panthers hoped for a win after a seven game losing streak. The Lady Panthers came out on top defeating the Raiders 39-36 while the Panthers defeated the Raiders 58-51. The Lady Panthers are now 2-10 on the season and the Panthers are now 11-1 on a nine game winning streak.

Maci Paulk drives the lane in the first half. Photo: Jessica Peters/SGSN

Maci Paulk drives the lane in the first half. Photo: Jessica Peters/SGSN

The Lady Panthers took the lead in the first period but were outscored by one. Southland won the tip off but couldn’t manage to take it to the net. Guard for the Lady Panthers, Erin Register, put up two to take the lead. The Lady Panther defense stayed strong defending the Raiders net. Macy Strenth put up two more points for the Lady Panthers. Raiders, Hannah McCain, put up two to tie the game at four with two minutes left in the first period. Southland quickly took the lead when Kathleen Kinslow shot a two point field goal. At the end of the first the Raiders led 6 to 5.

A strong Raider offense would continue to hold the lead the entire second period. McCain came out shooting put up two to lead by extend the lead by three and then shot for another two soon after. The Lady Panthers, Hannah Gunter, made it to the rim for two, to shorten the Raiders lead. Strenth continued to gain points putting two more on the board shortening the Raider lead to one with three minutes left in the first half. The Raiders offense stayed strong and put two on the board but the Lady Panthers quickly answered back also putting up two with less than a minute left. The Raiders 12-11 leading by one going into the half.

The Lady Panthers offense dominated the third period taking the lead back quickly. Gunter shot for two then a rebound by Register would take them back to the net for two more to lead by three. Lady Panthers, Carson Bryan, took to the net for a field goal. She pushed to the net again for two more points putting them up six on the Raiders. McCain drew the foul for Southland and narrowed the Lady Panthers lead to five. The Lady Panthers didn’t let that effect their game taking it to the net for two to answer back. Abby Carswell put up two more for the Lady Panthers to extend their lead to ten points. Lady Panthers, Register, drew the foul hitting both free throw shots putting them up 26-14 with less than two minutes left in the third. Raiders, McCain, shot for two also drawing the foul for an additional point. The Lady Panthers led 26-17 at the end of the third.

The Lady Panthers continued their momentum into the fourth period, but the Raiders came out strong when, Madison McPherson, pushed to the net for two. Register answered back for the Lady Panthers also putting up a field goal. McPherson pushed to the basket again for two extending their lead. After the Raiders put up two the Lady Panthers forward progress seemed to struggle causing a turn over and two more points. McPherson answered back scoring two and a three point by Register would put them back up by twelve. Raiders shot a field goal and drew the foul for three points narrowing their lead to nine. Megan Brown drew the foul for Tiftarea hitting one of her shots. With less than four minutes left in the game the Lady Panthers lead 36-28. Raiders, McCain, forced her way to the net through the Lady Panther offense narrowing the lead to six. Raider offense stayed strong driving to the net and narrowing the lead to three with one minute left in the game. A foul on McPherson narrowed the lead to two. Raider defense stayed strong but caused a foul on Register who shot for two and extended their lead by four with 30 seconds left in the game. McCain put up two with 15 seconds left in the game. Strenth drew the foul putting up one point. Tiftarea defeated the Southland Academy Raiders 39-36. Register led the Lady Panthers in points, scoring 13 for her team. Strenth also led with 10 points.

Nathan Carswell shoots in the first frame. Photo: Jessica Peters/SGSN

Bailey Cunningham shoots in the fourth frame. Photo: Jessica Peters/SGSN

The Raiders strong offense showed in the first period outscoring Tiftarea. The Panthers won the tip off where Ethan Mims took it to the basket to take the lead early. Mims forced his way to the rim again putting up two more for Panthers. Raiders, Bo Moore, put up two with an assist from Jamaal Rice. Jamarcus Scott, put up two for the raiders and forced a foul but fell short of the net while the Panthers held their lead by one. Panthers, Nathan Carswell, answered back with a field goal but was taken back when Raiders, Keyon Stone, put up a three and took the lead. Panthers, Jack Raines, put up two and a foul shot, putting the panthers back up by two. Raiders, Alex Roach, put up three with 30 seconds left in the first. Stone took to the goal for two more followed by teammate Scott. Raiders led 16-10 at the end of the first.

Panthers pushed to take the lead back in the second. Trent Hobbs, forced his way to the goal for a basket. Raiders, Stone, answered back with a three. Raiders continued to drive to the rim when Rice, put up two extending their lead to 5 but Panther’s Mims answered back with a field goal narrowing their lead to three and a layup would take the score down to one point difference with less than six minutes left in the half. Mims took it to the rim once again with an assist from Hobbs. Panthers led 20-19 with four minutes left in the first half. Hobbs drew the foul and put up both free throw shots to extend their lead by 3. Raiders Stone, also forced a foul putting up one to end the first half with the Panthers leading 22-20

The Raiders took to the hoop in the third putting up a three to take the lead back. Rice, put a layup for the Raiders. Panthers, Austin Stripling, tried to regain their lead taking the ball to the net for two. Raiders took to the rim and a loose ball would cause a turnover for the Panthers where Stone took it to the basket for more, taking the lead by 5 with a minute 30 left in the third. Raiders lead 32-28 going into the fourth.

Stone took it straight to the rim at the beginning of the fourth but the Panthers answered back narrowing the score to a four point lead against the raiders. Panthers, Nathan Duvall put up two, narrowing their lead to two points. Hobbs drew the foul to narrow the score to one point difference down 39-40. Stripling, hit the three to take the lead back for Tiftarea, but a three point shot by Raiders, Roach, put them back up by one. Panthers, Reinhardt, drew the foul hitting both free throws to take the lead by one. Raiders, Stone took to the hoop for two but Panthers, Mims, answered back with a three point putting them up by two with less than a minute left in the game. Raiders, Landon Henson, put two on the board to tie the game up with 15 seconds left to play. The Panthers were all tied up 47-47 at the end of the fourth to go into overtime.

A tie game took the Panthers and Raiders. The Raiders won the tip off but couldn’t make it to the basket. Panthers Stripling, took advantage of the Raiders slow defense hitting two followed by a field goal from Hobbs putting them up by four. Hobbs then drew the foul hitting both shots keeping their lead at four points. Panthers took it to the rim and defeated the Raiders 58-51. Ethan Mims proved to be a force on the Panther offense racking up 16 points in the game along with Stripling who put up 15.

The Lady Panthers and Panthers next game will be at home Tuesday, January 13, against Georgia Christian starting at 6:30 PM.

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