Cook Hornets Sweep Rebels

Berrien County Rebels traveled to Adel to compete against the Cook County Hornets. The girls and boys team had high hopes of turning their losing season around but a strong Hornet offense took the win on their home court. The Lady Rebels, now 6-10, fell to the Lady Hornets 40-48 after a strong second half.

On Saturday, the Lady Rebels hooped with the Lady Hornets (8-5) in a tough match up hoping to turn their losing season around. Danielle King put up the only field goal for Berrien in the first quarter but was outscored by the Lady Hornets offense. Lakeyda Zackery, Aaliyah Turner, Zedricka McNorton and Mercedes Clowers all took the ball to the rim for the Cook, putting them up by seven at the end of the first. The Lady Hornets led 11-4 against the Lady Rebels.

The second frame was did not show much difference in the Lady Rebel offense, who struggle getting to the rim. King, Tenese Pitts and Sharmaine White all shot for two, only putting six points on the board for Berrien. Jaylen Mobley racked up 7 points for the Lady Hornets, along with Zackery putting up five on the board. Cook outscored the Lady Rebels again in the second half putting them up 25-11 at the end of the first half.

The Lady Rebels had a strong outcome after the half time break and came out ready to win the game. King forced her way to the rim for 6 points and the team followed her lead putting up an additional 10 to outscore the Lady Hornets by 5. Cook pushed to get back into the game now only down by nine but still struggling to gain the lead at the end of the third 27-36.

The Lady Rebels offense continued its momentum into the final stretch continuing to take the ball to the rim for 14 more points. The Lady Rebel defense was no match for the strong Cook County offense putting up 12 points in the fourth and keeping the win out of Berrien’s reach. The Lady Rebels ultimately fell to the Lady Hornets 48-40, for their third loss of 2015.

King racked up the most points for both teams, shooting for 14 points for the Lady Rebels. Mikayla Alexander also racked up for Berrien with nine points.

The Rebels (4-12) followed the girl’s game in hopes of turning things around and taking home a win but fell to the Hornets (9-6) 54-26. Both teams started off slow but the Rebels were down by five after one of Hornets leading scorers, Thomas Rountree, put up four points along with field goals from Desmond Henry and Denziel Scott. The Hornets led 9-4 at the end of the first frame.

Things stayed close going into the second quarter. The Hornets allowed many technical violations on the Rebels, who shot 3 out of 6 from the free throw line. The Hornets stayed up on the Rebels hitting two three point shots from Rountree and Tray Jackson, along with two field goals. The Hornets extended their lead by three at the end of the first half up 19-11.

The second half proved to be a strong show of the Hornet’s offense and defense. Rountree showed out putting up six points following his teams eight in the third quarter. The Rebel’s, Keshaude Jackson, put up a field goal for the rebels, Darius Tisby and Jay Harris both put up points at the free throw line, but the Rebel offense was outscored by ten in the third. At the end of the third frame the Hornets led 34-16.

At an attempt to try and tie the game up the Rebels fouled seven times but the Hornet’s free throws helped to rack up ten points, hitting 8 out of 12 shots. The Hornet’s outscored the Rebels once again by ten points and defeated them 54-26. Rebel’s Harris racked up 13 points and went 10 out of 16 on free throw attempts.

The Rebels and Lady Rebels will travel to Fitzgerald Tuesday, January 13 to face off against the Canes in a Region match up. Game time is at 6:00 PM.

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