Tiftarea Falls to Deerfield-Windsor

Chula- The Tiftarea Panthers took on the Deerfield-Windsor Knights Friday night in a competitive matchup in Chula, Georgia. Tiftarea gave it their all but were defeated in both games. The Lady Panthers fell 48-31 while the Panthers were defeated 61-55.

The Lady Panthers won the tip off but struggled to get to the net. Joyner Tyson for the Knights took the ball to the line and put up three to take the lead. Teasie Williams followed her teammates lead with a field goal putting the knights up by five with five minutes left in the first frame. Tiftarea’s, Abby Carswell, drew the foul and hit one of her free throw shots to put the Lady Panthers on the board. Erin Register, forward for the Lady Panthers, took a technical putting up two of her shots and narrowing the Knights lead by two. The Knights offense stayed strong against the Lady Panthers. Alondra Calhoun drew the foul and sunk both shots to extend their lead by four. Tiftarea’s Maci Paulk, took to the rim twice to come back and tie the game with less than two minutes left in the first quarter. With less than a minute left two foul shots from Macy Strenth would put the lady Panthers up by two. The knights quickly answered back with a field goal from Calhoun. At the end of the first quarter the game was tied up 9 to 9.

The Knights took it straight to the rim one shot after another. Putting up five points less than thirty seconds into the second frame. Knights, Kelsey King, took to the rim for two. Haley Sells followed her teammate with a layup putting the Knights up by 10. 33 forced her way to the rim for a layup and drew the foul for an extra points taking their biggest lead of the night by 13 points. . Lady Panthers, Strenth, took to the net to try to narrow the Knights lead before the end of the first half. The Lady Panthers struggled in the second frame trailing 16 points at one point in the quarter. At the end of the quarter the knights led 28 to 15.

The Lady Panthers came out strong, Register, drove to the basket to put up two points. The Knights quickly answered back putting up two points to keep their lead at 13. Knights, Sells, put up two additional points with less than five minutes left in the third frame. The Lady Panthers defense put the pressure on the Knights causing a turnover where Strenth put up three to narrow there deficit to 12. The Knights held on to their lead for the third, leading 38 to 23 against the Lady Panthers.

The Knights came out hooping against the Lady Panthers putting up four points within the first minute. In an effort to put points on the board the Lady Panthers drew fouls putting up four points as well keeping the knights at a 15 point lead with as the game clock ticked down to four minutes left in the fourth frame. The Knights came out on top defeating the Lady Panthers 48-31.


Nathan Carswell blocks shot from Deerfield-Windsor. Photo: Danielle Bundrick/SGSN

Register led the Lady Panthers in points with 12 and went 10 for 12 on free throws. Maci Paulk also hooped for Tiftarea racking up 8 points throughout the game.

The Knights won the tip off as Trey Young, took it to the rim and drew the foul for three points. The Knights continued to take the ball to the rim putting up three more points and taking a six point lead. The Panthers drove to the rim for two to narrow the points but a quick Knight offense shot for a field goal and kept their lead. Panthers, 21 drew the foul hitting both shots. Baily Cunningham, took to the goal putting up a field goal and narrowing the lead to four, his teammate Austin Stripling, followed his lead shooting for two points with two minutes left in the first frame. Knights, Austin Fallaw, answered back to the strong panther offense, hitting a field goal with a minute 30 left. His teammate, Young, then took to the rim with a layup shot for two more. At the end of the first frame the Knights led 17 to 14 against the Panthers.

Knights, Young, started the quarter off strong driving to the net for two but Panthers Ethan Mims, answered back clearing a three point shot with ease. Two shots from the Panthers would put them up by two points. The points went back and forth, both teams driving to the rim. With six minutes left in the first half the Panthers were tied with the Knights 21-21. After two free throw shots from Tiftarea Mondo West, the Panthers had the lead, up by four points. Knights, Chandler Matthews, put up a three point shot to take the lead back now only up by one point with less than four minutes left in the half.  Panthers, Cunningham, drove to the net for two with less than a minute left in the first half. At the end of the first half the Panthers led 34 to 31 against Deerfield-Windsor.

The Knights came out of the half continuing to score, Christian Wallace, pulled a lay up to put two points on the board followed by a three point from teammate, Ryan Tode and another three from Young. The Knights led by five with six minutes left in the game. Panthers answered back with a three point shot to narrow their lead to two. Cunningham, hit another three for the Panthers to tie the game up. Knights drew the foul shots and did not disappoint hitting five out of six. The Knights strong offense proved to be the better team in the third driving to the basket and outscoring the Panthers, taking the lead 49-40 going into the fourth frame.

The Panthers started off strong, Trent Hobbs got the rebound and put up the ball for two. His teammate, Cunningham, followed his lead with a field goal. The Knights answered back with a three pointer from, Young. The Panthers pushed to the goal for two with five minutes left in the game. The Knights led by six points. Panthers, Mims, put up a three point shot in hopes to narrow the lead for the Knights. With less than three minutes left in the game the Panthers trailed by three. Fallaw, put up a layup shot to extend their lead to five. Panthers Mims, drove to the goal for two but the Panthers were still down by five with a minute left in the game. The Panthers fell to the Knights 61 to 55.

Cunningham and Hobbs shined on the court against Deerfield-Windsor. Cunningham racked up 15 points and went three for six on free throws, while Hobbs shot for 14 points in the game and went four for six at the line.

The Panthers are now 13-4 on the season. Tiftarea will be traveling to Americus next Tuesday, January 27, to take on Southland Academy. Game starts at 6:30 PM.

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