Rickards ( FL) Dominates Tiftarea 15-1

Chula- TheTiftarea Academy Panthers returned home from a road trip to host the Rickards Raiders from Tallahassee in a varsity contest at the Jungle tonight. Rickards, a 6A school in the Florida public schools, entered with a 4-3-1 record on the early season. Tiftarea, working with a 2-4 overall record, hoped to rebound after dropping their first region contest to Westfield on Tuesday night 12-6.

Dawson Patterson took to the mound for Tiftarea. Rickards is up to bat in the top of the first inning, when Rickards’ #30 comes up to bat #20 throws a wild pitch, and the all the bases are loaded on the second run. After four runs Tiftarea’s coach took #20 out, and replaced him with #15. Number 23 for Rickards comes up to bat and hits a popfly  out into the right field, and #7 for Tiftarea jumps into the air to catch it and says it is out. Tiftarea’s pitcher #15 strikes out #22 Rickards at bat entering into the bottom of the first inning. At the bottom of the first inning the score is 4-0 in Rickards favor. Tiftarea’s #2 Marlowe comes up to bat with two strikes, then there is a popup to right field caught by #13 Rickards Adam Asker.  #1 Paulk comes up to bat with two strikes, and strikes out swinging by Rickards #8 Day.  With #7  Tanner up to bat Tiftarea is praying for better luck, but when his popup flies out to the shortstop #12 Reese the crowds hope diminishes.

At the top of the second the score is still 4-0, leading the second inning #21 Adam Williams comes up to bat against Tiftarea’s pitcher #15. After four balls Williams walks to first. #8 Day comes up to bat, with strike 1 swinging #21 Williams steals second. On the last play Williams #21 scored, making the score 5-0, breaking the hearts of Tiftarea’s fans. Day, #8 advances to 2nd, then he was caught trying to steal third by Kennedy and Vickers. Rickards Reese #12 doubled to center field. Number 13 Asker grounded out, and #12 Reese makes it to third base. Davis, #30 reached first on dropped 3rd strike, and Reese scores making the game 6-0. At the bottom of the second Tiftarea was unsuccessful in balancing out the score .

At the top of the third inning #15 pitches for Tiftarea, and #2 Johnson  hits a ground ball, and is safe at first. #23 McNeal singled to left field, and Johnson is safe at second. #22 Petersons bunts, Johnson advances to third, and McNeal advances to second. #21 Williams doubles to left field, and Johnson and McNeal score, and Peterson makes it to third. This makes the score 8-0 making it even more difficult for Tiftarea to catch up. #8 Day singled to right field, Peterson scored and Williams makes it to third, making the score 9-0. Williams #21 scored on the last play making the game 10-0. The top of the third ended up being 11-0 after #8 Day scores on the last play. At the bottom of the third Rickards pitcher is #8, and #19 Weeks steps up to bat for Tiftarea and ends up walking. #8 Mims strikes out, and #4 Hall was reached on error by 2B, and Lee advanced to second. #2 Marlowe gets to walk, Leescores, Hall advances to third, and Marlowe is out at second. This make the score 11-1, sadly this score will be the only one for Tiftarea.

In both the bottom and the top of the fourth inning neither team scores.

At the top of the fifth inning Rickards #12 Reese doubled to left field, #5 Gaskins walked, and #30 Davis walked.#12 Reese scored on error by Kennedy, #5 Gaskins advances to 3rd on last play, the score is now 12-1.  Gaskins scores and #30 Davis advances to third, with a score of 13-1. Davis scored on last play making the score a devastating 14-1.#23 McNeal reached on fielder’s choice to SS, 322 Peterson singled tofirst base, and McNeal advances to second.21 Williams walks, Peterson makes it to second,and McNeal makes it to third base. McNeal scores making it 15-1, Peterson makes it to third,and Williams to second.In the bottom of the fifth Tiftarea was unable to score, thehard defeat will be one to remember and learn from, and both teams came off the field with good sportsmanship.Beau Vickers took the loss in a lopsided game against the Rickards (Fl) Raiders tonight at The Jungle. Photo:Erin Parker/SGSN

Bo Vickers took the loss in a lopsided game against the Rickards (Fl) Raiders tonight at The Jungle.
Photo:Erin Parker/SGSN

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