Where has Time Gone!

As I sit here looking over some old photos it bring me to the realization that “my babies will be gone this year”.

I started shooting sports 4 years ago. At that time I did not know what I was doing or where it would lead me. Boy am I glad I did!

I remember the very first sporting event I ever shot. I was sent to cover Berrien Ladies softball vs Thomasville.  Not knowing anything about photographing softball, I sat my ladder up on the first base side and as I started shooting this smiling little Redhead hits the ball and I capture my first softball photo.

IMG_3044It turned out to be Sarah Jewell. (And yes, she had her trademark tongue sticking out) Not understanding then these freshmen players would one day grow up to be seniors and Fly Away from the nest.

Over the past four years I have gotten to know many players, students’ coaches and parents. It’s a blessing to walk into a ballpark and be greeted by so much compassion for me being there. Thank you all for allowing me to be there to.

I have a hard choice sometime deciding what games to cover. (Sometime I choose wrong to) Trying to cover 8 schools is a very big challenge for our sports staff and I could not do it without the great staff of photographers we have working with us.

I started four years ago taking sports photos out of an empty spot left in my life. When I grew up there were no travel teams, no team moms, and surely there were very few, if any cameras. I was looking through our family albums back then and noticed something was missing? We didn’t have very many photos of my brother and I playing sports. HUMMMM.

So I set out on a mission to not let this happen to the kids playing today, yes there are many cameras at the games today, but very few are capturing the special moments or that great action shot. When I started I decided that I didn’t want to be paid for what I have grew to love and wanted to share my photos with the players and families so they wouldn’t have that empty spot as I did. So you see, even though we do sell photos, I pay for everything myself. As I have grown older I realize it’s not about “ME.” It’s about what we give back.

So for “All My Babies” just know, Even though you are graduating this year you will always have that special place in my heart. So for all my Berrien, Turner, Tift, Tiftarea, Irwin, Fitzgerald, Cook and Worth County Players, Go forth and prosper and when you look back in 30 years at your photos, remember the lonely ole photographer that captured these memories for you.

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