Payne, TA get first win

Chula, GA- Underneath the Friday night lights for the first home game of the season the Tiftarea Panthers faced off against the Georgia Christian Academy Generals. The game got off to a wet and fast paced start when Tiftarea’s Mondo West scored a rushing touchdown in the first fifteen seconds of the game.


Mondo West runs against Georgia Christian in the first half. Photo: Jessica Peters/SGSN

The first quarter gave the Panthers a 12-0 lead against the Generals. The Generals had the ball at the 30 yard line, but #5 for the Panthers quickly repossessed the ball. Tiftarea punts the ball and Cam Baker catches the ball bringing them to the 10 yard line, and then connected with Logan Carswell for another Panther TD, the score 12-0 with nine minutes still on the clock in the first quarter.

In waning monents of the first quarter, the Generals were battling to get their own touchdown and got close at Tiftarea’s 10 yard line. As their player goes in to score a touchdown #25 Cameron Kozma tackled the player and keeps the Panthers at a 12-0 lead.
In the second quarter #3 for the Panthers takes the ball all the way down to the General’s 20 yard line with a 30 yard rush getting them a first down. In quick succession they get to the third down with Baker catching a pass from Logan Carswell earning them their third touchdown of the night making the score 18-0 with nine minutes left in the quarter.
The Generals steal the ball and rush down the field only to fumble at the fifty yard line where Tiftarea recovers the ball, and #3 for TA runs about 80 yards, drops the ball, and with the Panthers holding their breathes, grabs the ball and recovers it at the 10 yard line which brought the Panthers another touchdown making the score 24-0 with seven minutes left in the half. Thomas Cornelius for the Generals rushes down the field, Panthers on his heels the whole way, but he was able to score the first General touchdown of the night and the score becomes 24-6.
The Panthers and the Generals are now battling to possess the ball with a fast paced back and forth. The Generals possess the ball and make their first down at the fifty yard line, and quickly make their third down at the thirty yard line. #55 for the Generals makes a rush to get their touchdown, but was quickly intercepted by #15 TA at the twenty yard line. The Generals earn their second touchdown through a pass, and earning their extra point, making the score 24-13 with two minutes left in the half.
The Panthers have the ball at the 30 yard line making their first down through #12, but the Generals soon get the ball back and #15 tries to rush down the field only making it to the fifty yard line due to #80 Connor Kozma stopping his rush. #25 for the Generals also tries to get another point for the Georgia Christian Academy Generals, but he is stopped by Mondo West. West makes the fumble recovery and  races 80 yards for the defensive score. Payne decides to go for two extra points being carried through by Render Robbins,making the score 32-13.
In the third quarter no scores were made, only the teams battling to keep one another from moving down the field. This defensive quarter served as a reminder to the wet conditions of the game, as both teams were sliding down the field and fumbling the ball several times.
The fourth quarter brought about the end of the game with Tiftarea dominating the quarter, and the game as a whole. The Generals possessed the ball in the beginning and made their first down at the twenty yard line, but TA #1 soon intercepted the ball. #3 TA runs the ball down the field scoring another touchdown, and #20 earns their two extra points making the score 40-13 with seven minutes left in the game. The Generals had the ball for a few seconds, but TA soon has the ball again. #22 makes the first down at the twenty yard line, and #32? Makes the final touchdown ending the game with a score of 47-13.
Logan Carswell went 12 for 17, amassing 203 yards in the air. Malik Johnson added 74 yards on the ground. Ahmed
Mosely added 47 yards on 9 attempts on the evening. For Georgia Christian, Thomas Cornelius scrambled for 136 yards, including a 69-yard scamper for the TD.
The Panthers garner Head Coach Tully Payne’s first career victory, and will try to improve to 2-0 on Friday night as they take on Frederica Academy in St. Simons. Game Time is 7:30PM.

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